Comment: again, just look up the damn definition.

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again, just look up the damn definition.

capitalism deals specifically with the economy. To say you are free market capitalist by no means implies you are anarchist. Whether or not murder should be legal is not part of the debate on what sort of economy we should have. If you'd simply look up the definition, you'd see capitalism is an economic system, not a system for all of society. To say a person is a free market capitalist almost specifically implies that they DO believe in laws, because those laws are required to protect their right to their property. Anarchy, or black markets rely on your ability to use more force than the next guy to protect your goods. In a free market, your goods are protected by the law. If you'd just look at the definition, you'd see how easy it is to be a free market capitalist without being an anarchist. I believe a law against murder or theft is just because it protects my 100% ownership of my means of production. See, free markets AND laws, all in one happy place. Just look up the definition so you know what you are debating. Free markets don't mean anarchy, and if you continue to pretend they do, it is simply because you are embarrassed that you didn't look up the definition of the term before you started insulting me.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).