Comment: just watched the full video, near finish now

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just watched the full video, near finish now

his emotion is real, "we were the only guys there to cover rand paul. was cnn there? was fox there? nobody was there. yet what did you guys do? piss all over us" he was referring to rand paul finding half a million in his senatorial budget and no msm covered it

if he was faking then he must win oscar, cus i grew up in single family house and i know how to read emotions and people thank you. he wants in, he feels hurt by people's snobbish attitude and you can tell he's the 'i want to accomplish things kind of guy' because he mentions 18month time line before another election cycle kicks in and gop starting their full on narrative offense again, saying we only have 18 month right now to destroy both parties and help rand paul. all of this is real judging by his emotions, twist what you want, but there it is.

you always wanted an emotional kind of guy that can iterate libertarian message without appearing inhumane and wanting to push grandma over a cliff, right? well, if glenn beck's in, there you have it. he is probably the most eloquent of all libertarian speakers in speaking to average joe or emotional soccer mom aka the mass, and yes if he is fully converted less gay marriage and abortion issue, he already is on drug wars reform, he is a libertarian.