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I understand. Something I

I understand. Something I think is important to be mindful of though, is the symbolism. To me I guess it really isnt about Beck, or what he really does or doesn't think. Its that how we are perceived to treat him, is how his follows will perceive that we would treat them.

Just like if we do not feel quite welcomed if w walk into a room and people are bashing Ron Paul... Beck's followers probably will not feel welcome if he is contrite, but we arent very forgiving to him.

The message we send to Beck is, for good or ill, the message we send indirectly to his fans. Those are the people who I really think are important here. To me the question of whether Beck himself has truly turned a corner, or is just saying what he think his fans want to hear and will make him more money is irrelevant.

Coming to good terms with other segments of society - such as Beck fans - in hopes of future political understanding that will give us a smaller , better and Constitutional govt is far more important.