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LF is a bigot and racist.

If we want to win, then align with allies and define enemies.

LF is an enemy as much as Karl Rove and Lindsay Graham.

Spend your precious resources aligning yourself with proven allies. Lean on them. For the love of God, please do not fall into this trap. Hitler said a whole bunch of wonderful things and ended up firing up a world war.

Can you identify the best writers in your district? Who are your best allies in your media market? How can you get your own story out in your words?

I promise you.. aligning yourself with this prick will be a noose around your neck. Imagine a black Glenn Beck. Opportunistic.. and a parasite to promote an image instead of philosophy.

Not to be duplicitous, but I honestly expect better strategy out of you. Identify your allies and enemies. Use your resources to the best of your ability. We do not need Farrah-con. Stay on your own message that you understand and believe in. Pay attention to your enemies but focus on your allies. Only your allies can deliver you a victory. FarrahCon is not your ally or our ally. The Judge, Stossel, Amash, Cruz, Rand.. these are the people that can help you. FUCK FARRAHCON.

Rand Paul has proven to me repeatedly that he gets it. Rand has not suggested we support anything other than him. Rand stays on his own message and owns it.

Learn from Karl Roves teacher:

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul