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First Off

How can she agree with Iraq and not with Afghanistan? Second, I believe gay marriage shouldn't be called marriage. Just call it something else and move on. And Government shouldn't be involved. Third, how does marijuana connect with welfare? They can't keep a job or get a job because they job drug tests you. Because that is the law. They mine as well just call it the Marijuana test because every other drug is out your system in 24 hours. What does welfare have to do with it? They don't use food stamps to buy drugs. Fourth, marijuana would give money to the states. Fifth, Libertarians have nothing to do with " just wanting to smoke pot". It is the fact that some one is telling them they can't put something in there bodies. How can people be allowed to get prescribed Oxy cotton ( Work a Job ), Or drink alcohol, but some one can't smoke marijuana? Sixth, How are we wussies? The Republicans got smashed right in the face by the Obama administration, and they ended up picking the weakest candidate on stage... Romney, and we are called wussies? Who are the real wussies? We are putting up the real fight. The Power is not afraid of Neo-Con.. they are afraid of Libertarians. Just because they promote wars, they automatically think they are a bunch of tough guys.She acts like Libertarians do not go after the right stuff. Are you kidding me. Where were you when NDAA got passed? Or HR-347? Or when they went after our internet? Ron Paul is a great example. He stood his ground every time on every issue and she acts like the Neo-Cons are really fighting the fight. LOL.... when all they do is compromise.