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He has a point

I'm not going to pretend to know Beck's true feelings or motivations. He can say all the right words, but his future actions will determine if he is sincere. However, the large majority of us here were not always libertarians. A lot of people use their membership in the movement as an ego boost and end up hurting the liberty movement. We saw this last year with the elitism of some of the people who had supported Ron Paul in 2007/2008 and looked down on those of us that were newer members of the movement. The bottom line is that for our movement to grow we can’t shut people out just because of their past actions. In 2008 I was fresh out of high school after 12 years of statist brainwashing and was a rabid neocon, but slowly over 3 years (with the help of my libertarian best friend) I opened up to the message of liberty. If my friend had just said to me “you can’t be in our movement because you still believe X Y and Z and you supported and voted for McCain in 2008” then I wouldn’t be here. I saw the same problem at my state's convention last June. A lot of people who agreed with 70% of our principles that we could’ve used to block Romney from getting delegates were unwilling to listen to us because of a few of our members that chose to get into emotionally heated arguments.

I’m not defending Glenn Beck, in the past he has said horrible things about Ron Paul and the movement. However, we need to realize that many of us would’ve said those same things years ago before we were awakened. Instead of trashing Beck and the other “70%ers” that we agree with most issues on, we should concentrate on spreading the message of liberty to these people. We have plenty of time between now and 2016 to observe Glenn Becks actions to see if he truly means what he says.