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Sound advice.

Rob, I agree with everyone's advice on this comment thread. My suggestion would be for you to take the CHL class. If you don't intend to or are unable to legally obtain a CHL you can still take the class and reap the benefits of the education.

If you are curious it is worth the price (the class I took was $70). There are other fees to the gov and fingerprinting which cost a total of $150 (on top of the $70 class) if you want to go through with getting the license. I suggest Central Texas Gun Works. The main guy is in Austin but they offer classes in San Antonio too.

By doing this you will learn everything in this thread and much much more.

Be careful about just reading the legal code. Some of it is difficult to understand without a Q&A session and you don't want to end up as a felon due to acting on ignorance.