Comment: Beck doesn't get the folks

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Beck doesn't get the folks

Beck doesn't get the folks who came to the liberty movement through Ron Paul.

He doesn't get that many of us first heard through a guy who isn't that great of a speaker. Who never gained acceptance in some Big Club. Who said what he meant despite -- DESPITE -- the fingers in the wind pointing elsewhere.

Who didn't seek acceptance as some kind of litmus test.

This may be the ultimate anathema for the Becks of the world. It's like speaking Hindi to an Irishman.

Beck thinks the liberty movement is some cult of personality or some cult of group think. He's bound up in thinking in terms of following the cool guy or the cool crowd. He's obviously never been a part of the discussion. He doesn't know that we disagree about abortion, the death penalty, education issues, definitions of marriage...the list goes on. He's obviously never engaged. It may well be that the Becks of the world are handicapped by their obsession with people rather than ideas. People will always disappoint. And always give you an excuse to languish and lick both real and conjured wounds.