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Let me see if I have this

Let me see if I have this right. Conservatism as an ideology has become worthless, because real conservatives did not protect the message from those who diluted and compromised, and who waved its flag while doing non-conservative things which would later tarnish the public perception of the ideology.

Now Glenn Beck is saying what? That we have a chance to bring in more people by turning libertarianism into the next conservatism?

More importantly, the reason libertarians refuse Beck's olive branches isn't that he's late to the game, it's because to anyone with half a brain Beck either comes across as an insincere sociopath, or as someone far "crazier" than the "crazy libertarians" he denounces.

Ask Robin Koerner, or Glenn Greenwald, or Cornell West, or Dennis Kucinich, or even friggin' Alan Grayson, if the liberty movement is welcoming to non-purists.

Sorry, Glenn, it's not ideological, it's just you.