Comment: He makes good points

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He makes good points

The issue we (people that have one) have with Beck?

Is that we don't trust him.

So here's an idea for some enterprising video jockey out there. There are plenty on this board:

Make a video compilation of Beck's positions on key issues.
The things he said, in his own words, that make us not trust him. Call it "WHY WE DON'T TRUST YOU"

- about Ron Paul (specifically)

- about Deborah Medina

- backing Romney

etc etc

Don't do it in an insulting manner. Just feed him back his own recorded words. Then

Send it to him.

Tell him that - if he is willing to address the things in that video, point by point, on his show ...

And publicly discuss them, explain them, and say whatever specific apologies he needs to for what he said and did?

That would go a long way with people toward giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Because this general rant - although he does make good points - is not enough for people to trust that his motivations are sincere.