Comment: It is astonishing to me how

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It is astonishing to me how

It is astonishing to me how some of you react. Either you didn't listen to anything he said, or you are just guilty of what he is saying.

None of us were libertarians when we were born Most of us got into politics in our teens or later in life. I have been a libertarian for almost 20 years now. Some took a very long time to become libertarians, like Tom Woods, who was a neoconservative, like Beck.

Libertarians represent 1-2% of the population. That means those are are versed in the philosophy, not just average people who believe in the ideas of freedom (which is most people when you ask them), but people with specific knowledge on issues.

Here is an alternative source of media with a large audience who is asking for all of us to join in the cause of liberty. He doesn't even care if you like HIM. He is asking to make changes to the country. And what do soe of you do? Harbor old feelings and piss on him. I.e. insist he is now allowed to change no matter what.

This is what a lot of libertarians get a bad reputation. It's either this way or the high way. haven't you all learned anything from Ron Paul? You can befriend and wok with other people you don't agree with and find COMMON issues that you DO agree on to help advance.

Even if you disagree with Beck on 50% of things, work with him on the other 50%. He has potential to convert a lot more people. Penn is teaching him, and he is a great libertarian. Give him some time.

But this isn't even about Beck for me. It is about the destructive isolationist behavior by some libertarians. If you haven't learned anything about coalitions, then you haven't learned much.

Remember Barney Frank and Paul working together?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...