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Listen to yourself. "And what

Listen to yourself.

"And what do some of you do? Harbor old feelings and piss on him. I.e. insist he is not allowed to change no matter what."

Do you really think we're telling him not to change? Better yet do you really believe we have the influence to stop him from changing? This is ludicrous.

He's already convinced you that he's the victim. Amazing.

I've said this like 10 times in this thread: he can do as he wishes, but he chooses to play the victim. He can continue to speak what he believes, but he wasted an entire segment whining because he's not getting validated like a low self-esteem teenager.

This in and of itself undercuts his credibility! And what's important to realize is that he has an audience of thousands, so to give his medium credibility based on some whining is very naive and dangerous. Why allow his network to profit and gain a larger audience, so that after he's grown enough of his influence, he can say "wow, I was wrong to believe in libertarianism, they're too fringe. I'm a 'constitutionalist'?"

Be smart here. Let him prove that he's sincere by living by his words. Until then he won't get my support by watching his network, by buying his books, or by attending his speeches.