Comment: Glenn, if you're reading this..

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Glenn, if you're reading this..

Please understand a few points.

1. Us "Ron Paul" Libertarians did try very, very hard to convert and accept any and everyone during the past two Presidential elections. That's why we were at occupy wallstreet, to convert. That's why we made signs and put bumper stickers on our cars. That's why we annoyed our friends and family with discussions and conversations about politics. That's why we listened and followed and commented on and to every news television, radio, and website. We were ignored, laughed at, and ridiculed by almost everyone for the past 6 years. Even you and your co-host were rude and made disparaging remarks about Ron Paul seemingly at every turn. Just as Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh, and of course the liberal media did as well. We can't see this sudden change through rosy colored glasses. Just one year ago you were saying negative things about the only candidate who we felt represented the liberty movement and the Constitution. Because of that, we can't now trust that you are 100% behind Rand and us all of the sudden. You have to prove it by supporting a liberty candidate in the GOP primaries.

2. Libertarians and the "hardcore" fringe libertarians are not focused just on foreign policy, marijuana, and gay marriage. The fiscal issues were in fact the main drivers of this movement in the 2012 election. We weren't chanting "legalize marijuana" at Ron Paul rallies. We were chanting "End the Fed". Ron didn't say we're all socially free now. He famously said we are all Austrians now.

3. We felt like we lost this country for another 4 years when Romney beat Paul in the primaries. How you felt when Obama won is how we felt when Romney won ensuring that it would be either Obama or Romney. Since Paul lost, we have been looking for that Libertarian Republican bridge. Rand is a favorite of many here. There are others, but none that have emerged yet. We welcome you to help us find the best Libertarian Republican, and I personally encourage you to continue to ask questions and learn with all of us. The rudeness you feel right now is just us treating you how we felt you treated us in the past. We feel like the pressure is on you to reach out to us. Just have patience, and continue to be sincere, and you will find that people will welcome you. It will probably take another election cycle for that to happen though.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin