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Thanks for the comment!

Good idea on taking the class regardless of whether or not I intend on pursuing a CHL, which I can if I wanted.

I would never go off one person's interpretation, I would go straight to the source, CHL instructors, law enforcement, etc.,

I just like having these discussions, because it seems to show the silliness of our entire system, and I've been seriously contemplating whether or not to start carrying and if I did, if I should get a CHL.

If I didn't get a CHL, I would likely limit myself to legal unlicensed car carry and explicit, written permission on private property in special instances. In the car, I would only use it while in my car though as someone pointed out....being judged by 12 is better than being carried by 6.

Ultimately, in your heart, do you feel we should have to get a license to carry a firearm?

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!