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Brian, seriously...

Brian, seriously... I have hard times forcing myself to put ANY trust in his interest for the liberty movement.

But, guess what.

Let us ASSUME for a second I can - ALL ENCOMPASSINGLY over his character.

Let us ASSUME I can trust him - A PRIORI - and as anybody else, disregarding everything of his political past.

Guess what.

That is not enough.

That is not enough to say that you find liberty and laissez faire, etc, "cool" anew. And Constitutional principles and texts wise anew.

You ALSO HAVE TO SHOW HARD EVIDENCES of your understanding.

You also have to talk FROM YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW about THE REAL ISSUES.

Simple question I'd give 100 ounces silver to Mr. Beck to answer for me (if I could afford):

"Mr. Beck, do you think you have ANY MONEY on your checking account? If 'no': please explain why. Elaborate how we got into that situation. Elaborate how to get out of it."

Do you think he could answer?

Do you think he could comment fundamental texts THAT ALL of his past allies and friends and foes (liberals, I assume?) in politics HAVE IGNORED? Like "The Law" - that American libertarians have rediscovered for only a few decades.

That's what we, INDEED, care about : the competition of ideas. Those that work for liberty.

Mr. Beck is a bit...

... L A T E.

I am afraid he has A HELL OF A LOT TO CATCH UP WITH - beyond just finding liberty "kewl" anew.

Makes sense?


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius