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My post was about the issue

My post was about the issue of grand misconception regarding Apple. My goal was to help illustrate the fact that there *is* a problem with Apple to begin with. The solution for me was to post information for others to read / verify / consider. As you an see from the comments people tend to get very emotional if you say anything bad about Apple, so, baby steps.

The solution to the problems the post describes is the same as most other big problems:

- don't allow companies to lobby the organizations who regulate them
- get rid of patents on software. Thats what copyright is for just like music and novels.
- enforce property laws - If I buy it, I own it, Apple does not and they should not be allowed to create rules restricting what I do with my property.

There are literally thousands of other manufacturers to purchase computing components from, and a variety of operating systems available from non slimeball companies. It's not hard to do better than apple in that category imho.

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