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You made my point. You

You made my point. You didn't hear what he was saying. He isn't talking about HIM. He is talking about how some libertarians isolate newcomers. he even stated he doesn't care if you like him. I believe him. He doesn't need 1% of the population. However, I do think he is sincere that he wants this country to change for more freedom, and is asking for people like us, to join and make it happen. Not join him, but he made a point, which I agree with, that he has an outlet like no other to reach more people.

BTW, I have never watched or listened to Beck's radio show. I never even watched his TV shows. On rare occasion I have watched links to youtube etc. And I won't be subscribing or doing so in the future.

This is NOT about Beck, which I think some of you fail to get.

Do you think Penn told Beck, he needs to "prove himself" before he spends time teaching him and answering questions about libertarianism?

You much be a perfect person who has done things right is your life.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...