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Apples products are private

Apples products are private property and it is permissible for Apple to sell only to those who agree to use it in a certain way.

Even if Apple does things you do not like, their products are theirs and if they want to sell them to people who will consent to a user agreement, that is their business.

It's not Apple that you are mad at, it is IP and corporate law that has created such behemoths.

Jesus, leave Apple alone, at least their trying to market a product that people will like and will improve their life.

And who cares if they are too expensive, that is just good marketing. I hope the people who made Apple are rich, they brought communication to a lot of people's hands.

If you wanna rave at something, try IP law, or even better, the very existence of a coercive state.

And yes, Apple is a branch of the fascist tree.

But so is every other business and entrepreneur who makes a lot of money in the "legal" market.

You have to incorporate or form some sort of legal protection or else the state will rob you blind.

The tax code is structured so it is impossible to earn Federal Reserve Notes in great quantities without the state finding out.

So you have to play along with the system to some extent to create wealth.

It is all about how far you are willing to take it.

Yeah, Apple sucks in a lot of ways, but the problems Apple has are simply the symptoms.

It is the coercive state that is the cause of the disease, the root.

Apple's stance on IP is my only gripe with the company.