Comment: I think this study

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I think this study

is missing something important. Safe gun culture needs more than a just a course and a background check. Maybe that's sufficient if you just want to store one away for safekeeping, but I think new gun owners/users need a bit of mentoring, someone that's knowledgeable and whom they trust to check in once and a while and reiterate some of the things learned. I think you need this to help foster positive gun culture and keep everything in context. If people are needing to remember acronyms to keep track of things, then they're not comfortable enough to protect themselves or their families if need be. Secondly, I think this whole concept is misdirected. Violence perpetuates where injustice reigns. More guns probably correlates with less crime because an area that doesn't infringe on people's gun rights is also probably more just in general. If everybody is stacked in on top of each other, and the rule of law is thrown out the window, it wont matter if there is or isn't guns, violence will ensue. Giving people guns in this sort of environment might lower home invasions and targeted attacks, but the violence in general will persist. Justice has to come first.