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Klinker, I just shortened

Klinker, I just shortened this up by a whole bunch. You had a bunch of weird stuff up top because you seemed unsure of who would be reading the letter. You can cut that all out. You also have a bunch of repetitive stuff, which I cut. You also went into legal stuff that is of no concern to a pediatrician. You don't have to get any vaccines you don't want at the clinic. It's only when you enroll your child in school that vaccination records are required. It is the school district that may require an exemption form. You're asking the ped dr. for info and advice. No need to reference laws and go on about your worries. He'll know. A shorter, less wandering letter, will encourage the clinic and this doctor to respond.

Dear Dr. Koletar,

I'd like to thank the staff of xyz and your predecessor , Dr. Baskin, for the care you've given my son in the last year.

Our next child is expected in less than a month, and I look forward to meeting you.

In the meantime, my wife and I have some concerns about the vaccination schedule and specific vaccines. We'd like to address these before the birth.

I've been researching claims of vaccine links to neurological disorders, immunosuppressive complications and adverse allergic reactions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that parents inquire as to what chemical additives and ingredients are in the vaccines to be administered under the current inoculation schedule as well as known and documented adverse reactions.

We wish to be diligent parents and are requesting written documentation about the ingredients and known side effects of the vaccines scheduled for our child's first four years as well as information about alternative vaccination schedules. Moreover, we would appreciate your advice and expertise on the subject.

Thank you in advance for your efforts and attention. We look forward to having you as our new pediatrician.