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We don't have a membership...

yet you say we have high standards. In a way those two phrases don't work together. Yes I am saying too high of standards are bad, why? Because I want to see us win. We can sit here and preach and preach and preach, but until we work in the framework of politics we will continue to sit here on the dp getting old. You say you are tired of getting burned, at what cost? Anything we do will be a risk. I am no way in saying that we should come up and say GLENN WE LOVE YOU!, but other people who agree with us 90% of the way, it may be beneficial for us to play the game. I grew up in politics all my life, all my family are heavily involved. I do know Ron Paul's history quite well. I am in fact involved in my family member's race, and they don't expect to win either. The reality is though, whether we want to accept it or not, politics is about people liking us. I think this gets to the same difference in opinion we saw with Rand's endorsement. Some say we need to play the game, others think we should stick to our principles. The reality is though, we can't win if we aren't trying to make allies. I think it is even more risky for this country as a whole for us not too. We can't get jaded, they want us too. They want us to give up, and I for one won't. I sincerely agree to disagree.