Comment: If Beck is serious about learning...

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If Beck is serious about learning...

.. then he will apologize to Ron Paul. Ron has done more for the reinvigoration of liberty and human progress than possibly any single person in the past century.

I understand the idea that we need to welcome and teach new people, it kind of goes without saying and I don't know any libertarian that isn't always trying to teach people that are not already part of the movement. Obviously Beck's biggest problems with the r3volution stems from a disagreement on foreign policy. I do not mean to sound one sided, but anyone truly studying the philosophy of the founders and the tendencies of human conduct will come to the same condemnation of American imperialism as Ron Paul. The purpose of military action in a free society is the defense of the life, liberty and property of the nation. More American life, liberty and property has been taken in the name of the war on terror than ever could have been taken by the third world regimes whose overthrow and subsequent colonization had the full support of Glenn Beck.

No student of liberty could ever support a war on an enemy as ambiguous as terror, whose definition keeps growing closer to home as the label of "enemy combatant" is left to the discretion of bureaucrats. What Glenn Beck and people like Ann Coulter and John Bolton fail to grasp is the connection between the path to economic freedom and the road blocks created by the mainstream foreign policy. How could we ever expect to decentralize government now that we have given government the power to kill American citizens without due process of law? These kind of people hand to governmnent any amount of power without question so long as they justify it by claiming its usefullness in the war against Muslim extremism. They gleefully defend the power to inflate and allocate dollars to give foreign aid to their pet "ally" nations to fund their socialist entitlement programs and prop up tyrannical dictators and wonder why it is so difficult to cut the domestic welfare state.

I would be very surprised if most libertarians did not give Glenn Beck some respect if he just apologized to Ron Paul. It just couldn't be that hard to apologize the most honest and irreproachable politician in American history.