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Let me clarify. When I say

Let me clarify. When I say "we have high standards" I'm speaking of myself, and everyone you're addressing as being "unwelcoming." I'm not representing libertarianism as a philosophy.

You want to see us win, by compromising our integrity. See the quote at the end of my last post, please. And really think about it.

The reason Rand is even relevant is because he believes in putting our fine men and women in the service in harms way to defend a foreign nation who has no allegiance to us! This is also the pivotal reason Beck can support Rand, and the pivotal reason why he couldn't support Ron.

Now, if you're suggesting that I vote for Rand because I agree with 99% of his positions, but disagree with the one position that puts my life, my children's life, and my grand children's life in harms way due to blowback, he's not getting my vote. Period. I don't compromise on principles, because then they're not principles.

What you're advocating for is the reason we're in this mess. People bending over to be accepted. Ron never bent over to be accepted, he just did his thing and started a small intellectual revolution. Nothing special. I guess he could have went along with Congress and achieved... what we have today.