Comment: Glenn, What are you up to?

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Glenn, What are you up to?


What are you up to? Are you really seeking the truth or do you have some nefarious motive? I mean, here you are, a man of your age who has been preaching your politics from your TV and radio soapbox for years and only NOW you are figuring out that you've been wrong about libertarianism, a philosophy that has been under your nose the whole time and that is based on incredibly difficult to understand concepts like the golden rule?

Count me among the skeptics that you're up to any good, but in the event that I'm wrong about your motives, and I do hope that I am, don't you think it might be wise to stop shouting from the rooftops until you figure out your philosophical foundation?

The suggestion made above is a good one. Penn Jillette is great but think about inviting some other libertarian thinkers on your show for discussions. Air the ideas put forth by the Austrian school by inviting Bob Murphy or Robert Wenzel in for a talk. Take another look at history through the libertarian lenses of Tom Woods or Thomas Dilorenzo. There are plenty of liberty thinkers out there who would welcome a chance to air their views with you and your audience.

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