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Wait, Ron Paul never worked with others on issues he agreed with? Did he not work with Barney Frank, a man who Paul barely would agree with? Or with Ralph Nater? Or with some democrats on Iraq? Should we not follow in his footsteps? Politics is not about one way or the high way, I believe in what Ron Paul says about coalitions, heck he even talks about the difference between compromise and coalitions, and why they are good in Liberty Defined. He harps on it all the time. To say that what I advocate the reason we are in the mess and that I endorse blowback is a big straw man argument and a slippery slope fallacy. I just said we should It would do well to take that quote and listen, that is all fine and dandy for right to lose some of the time, but what if the logic behind your argument caused us to lose all the time? What then? Would you rather have 0 or 99%? I for one will not let my generation grow up with mountains of debt, the Federal Reserve enslaving our country, and the countless other issues who effect all of us just as much as the one issue you mentioned. What would you rather have, one issue facing you, or a hundred facing you? You shouldn't vote for Rand cause I say, I would never want someone too. Vote for him if you like him, my intentions aren't to recruit you to Rand 2016. I think overall it would be beneficial for us to start using the same tricks the establishment uses on us. Fight fire with fire I say.