Comment: Glenn, this movement grows by

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Glenn, this movement grows by

Glenn, this movement grows by the day. You really have no idea how many people have crossed the borders of the right and left their establishment hack candidates behind to join the movement. Even those who laughed at us in the beginning. We do not shun those who seek liberty. But, we are entirely in the right to look you up and down and feel that there's something not right here.

I am remaining sceptical, which is really the only sincere thing to do. Even if Rush, or even the entire Fox news channel became Libertarian, I would not throw my arms around them. You can't just say you're looking for a libertarian candidate like Rand Paul to win us over. You see, you are one of those people who not only laughed at us, but mocked and insulted. To say you finally understand the movement after the GOP lost is incredibly shady and perplexing to say the least. But it doesn't mean it's not true.

Our arms are open Glenn, but we still can't tell who we're embracing when it comes to those like you.