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Maybe I'm just getting older now and my passion is not as out in the open as it used to be. Or maybe some ( not all of the newer members ) are still in the process of UN-plugging from the propaganda they have been forced to eat almost every day of their lives. To me, understanding what Ron Paul stood for is to understand human nature it's self and that no one can legislate or force people to change who they are but rather, understand that people will be people and that our rights end at our nose. Just two days ago I was reading a comment on a post about Gun Control legislation and the comment said, " Did they push the pot agenda with the intent of making people lazy enough to accept this horsecrap? " by distoare sound. I had to take a step back for a moment because it came at me from left field that this was even a thought in someone's head, let alone a comment on the dailypaul. Now, I know that everyone has an opinion and I am fine with that but it just struck me as odd that anyone here would say that. In fact I felt compelled to reply, " Ok, I just need to say ... if Pot makes you lazy then spoons make you fat and guns jump out of safes and kill people left and right. Damn, UN-plug from the propaganda already. " - - Anyway, that was my take on it. I guess my point is is that, I at least, see a bit of a dis connect with people who have been here for some time as opposed to those who are just now joining. Perhaps I was the same way in my on going learning process of what it means to truly be free. Thanks, LIBERTY2ME for the reply. Hope that answered your question.

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