Comment: More logical fallacies.

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More logical fallacies.

More logical fallacies. Android "outsells" iOS, yet the vast majority of profits are made by Apple, not Samsung.

Developers flock to iOS and the Apple App Store because they have discovered they can actually make a living selling their apps to hundreds of millions of potential customers, unlike on Android where customers refuse to pay for apps. This is a fact.

Google bought Motorola as a preemptive move for patent protection from Apple and to get into the phone and tablet hardware business because they felt Samsung and other Android device makers were producing cheap junk and were loading their stock Android software (which is a pale imitation of iOS in terms of usability and performance) with crapware. Android has been forked by Samsung, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others in an attempt to sell their own apps directly to consumers and to modify the UI to make their products look different. All of this splintering has resulted in a tiny fraction of Android phone owners being able to upgrade their software compared to the majority of iPhone owners now running iOS 6.

Clearly the minor trade offs regarding "customization" are considered unimportant to users. Android is the cheap "smartphone", whereas iOS is the one that works.