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Great response

Listening to Beck, was like hearing your abusive husband say he's sorry, never going to happen again, as he's beating you senseless.

First he calls Ron Paul supporters "terrorists," now libertarians are "fascists" and he say he's come around? Do you think he's got his terms a bit confused, when did fascist become synonomous with devoted, dedicated, or serious? It's going to take a bit more than a backhanded apology to convince anyone that he's changed, especially considering the succesful mission of these radio personalities in destroying Paul's chance last year of which Beck played a major role. Not to mention his shredding of Medina, wasn't that his fault as well? It's one thing to be against a movement or even to just not understand it, it's another to launch an all out public attack when you're in a position of power and influence. If my liberal and neo-con family members alike were today to say they were embracing libertarianism I would love it and have no suspicions, even knowing how the media had kept them drinking the koolaid, but Beck? Going to take awhile to embrace that.