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Your Opinions Are Good

Noona - It sounds like you have a good understanding of NJ politics. Apparently, all of those hours in Hightstown for Ron Paul have paid off.

As you said, a person would have had to work in a NJ statewide campaign to understand why Christie is so popular in NJ. As far as most people can see, there is no other Republican who can win a statewide election in that state. Although Christie is no Ron Paul, he is the best that NJ can get from voters at this time. I would go as far as saying that he is the best that NJ has had in forty years.

I participated in two different draft campaigns in my life. Here is roughly how it could work for Napolitano...

The idea is to create a "Committee to Draft Napolitano for Senate". You would then be allowed to raise money and campaign on behalf of the committee. No permission or involvement would be needed from the desired candidate because this is a draft campaign designed to persuade the person to become a candidate.

Then you would get about 2,000 signatures to put him on the ballot. Now the hard part. You would send a delegation of reporters and supporters to visit him and hand him the ballot access.

If you can persuade him to sign the petition, he would be on the ballot. If he accepts, however, somebody better put together a campaign quickly.

Gene Louis
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