Comment: Good response.

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Good response.

You were civil and called Glenn out on valid points and didn't have to use inflammatory language. This is important for worth while dialogue.

If we are only 1% why is Glenn trying to reach out to us? Clearly we make up more then 1% otherwise he wouldn't even bother.

Glenn, I'm not going to put you on blast. There are many others that are well over doing that for me. I am willing to hear out anyone who says they want to get back to the constitution. But because of your treatment of us in the past, you will have to take the abuse for a little while to come before people will trust you. And many will never trust you. Not saying that this is right or wrong. But that is how it is. If you are sincere, you will continue trying to dialogue with others regardless of the back lash.....No one can ever be hater free...No can be perfect as you say.