Comment: while walking the dog this morning......

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while walking the dog this morning......

I had a scenario play out in my head. so lets say there is a 2A rally that you attend. Most folks are there, some police, about 50% of attendees are armed. You know most of them, but not all, as the support for gun rights is growing, and others just show up to see what the fuss is about. While standing in a group of friends listening to a speaker in front of the statehouse, you hear three rounds go off. Your friend next to you drops foreward, having been shot from behind. Chaos ensues, you drop to the prone position, handgun out, looking. Another series of shots ring out, this time from your left. You can see this shooter, behind a veterans memorial stone, with a m15. You see an officer go down across the street by his cruiser. Someone from the podium area opens up on a parked vehicle about 200 yards across the common, but is answered with a hailstorm from police.


12 dead, 2 officers, 7 others wounded at gun rally

DA says investigation ongoing to find first shooter

Wyoming only state to not ban all semi autos 3 months after 2A shootout

Was it a false flag?
Was it some nutcase gun control liberal?
Was it a rookie cop?
Or just a crazy ex wanting to do in her ex-husband and get away with it?
Was the guy with the m15 you shot one of the good guys?

You have plenty of time to think about it, behind bars, waiting for trial.

Just a thought!

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