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first you're missing the

first you're missing the point, and second I think you may be the one not understanding intellectual property. I'm not advocating some other company or product at all. The POINT is that people are deceived about Apple - they are no better than any of the others, in fact most often they are much worse on issues of principle that are shared by those who value liberty.

Just because something is Legal doesn't make it right, I think everyone here understands that.

As far as intellectual property goes - I worked as an IT Mgr for a major corporate law firm for years - see IP was one of the areas I was tasked with assisting on due to my history as a software developer. I have personally worked on more than 60 multi million dollar cases against major online retailers over patent disputes. It is one of the major reason I resigned in Dec '11. My conclusion is, I disagree with the structure of IP law as it is generally understood. Read 'Math You Can't Use' by Ben Klemens for a more in depth explanation of what I'm talking about. In short, I believe IP has no place in software, music, literature, math, and other works of art. That is what copyright is for.

Go learn to program. Build something cool. Once you do, bring it to me and I will show you the list of patents you have violated. The system is broken because we've allowed combinations of natural processes like mathematics to be patentable. The hyperlink is patented. So is the shopping cart, the plugin, rounded rectangles, and "slide to unlock". We've had sliding locks on doors since the 1500s or something but now somehow Apple *OWNS* the digital representation of this existing invention. They abuse this at every opportunity via aggressive litigation and it is perfectly legal. Other companies do too, but people here are not confused about Microsoft's track record for example - they are however very confused about Apple's.

I am not alone in this view, ask U.S. Judge Posner who thinks these industries do not need patent law at all. You can read what hes written on his blog and in his book "The Economic Structure of Intellectual Property Law". Read his verdict in Apple vs Motorola - he threw out both of their claims with prejudice and rightly so. You can also ask the Electronic Frontier Foundation who has an entire department dedicated to busting BS patents, many of which are held by Apple:

I am perfectly aware of my freedom to buy other products, which is exactly what I do.

Also do yourself a favor and watch that short documentary I posted 'Patent Absurdity'.

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