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Regardless of your

Regardless of your former employment, you fall into the same logical trap as the anti-IP Richard Posner (he being a widely cited Chicago school judge who is a crank and virulently against property ownership protections, not to mention he frequently defended corrupt police over the rights of the people).

The fact is, our Constitution recognizes both property rights and the necessity of limited government that is able to legally defend those property rights. Intellectual property is indeed property (so-called for lack of a better general term, not because IP is merely an amorphous idea, but the embodiment thereof, the "expression" of an idea...look it up), and because it is property it also deserves legal protection in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.

Property protection and the defense of individual rights are among the strongest protections afforded Americans.

Frankly, the anti-Apple screed strikes me as jealousy, because it appears you wish Android (or something else) was more widely used. You disagree with Apple's relatively recent massive success?