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Yes you're right that's what

Yes you're right that's what apple says publicly about DRM, but is exactly opposite to what they actually practice. When you are looking into the unethical practices of Monsanto do you go to their corporate website for the truth? C'mon.

Unfortunately for Apple, actions speak louder than words:

Apple <3 DRM in every form and it has become worse with time.

"Psystar knew they were stealing from Apple, and they got exactly what they had coming."

Is Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc. stealing from Microsoft? Psystar was PURCHASING Apple's software and installing it on non Apple hardware. It's the EXACT same thing with one difference. Microsoft allows this and always has. Apple does not. Actually I cannot think of a single operating system that claims it is 'illegal' to install on hardware other than that which is made by the OS developer. If there are, I equally disagree with them too. Should it be illegal to install a ford motor in a chevy and sell it? Would that be 'stealing' from Ford if the engine is bought and paid for? How can you not see the difference here?

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