Comment: Help Wanted: Local News seeks anchor.

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Help Wanted: Local News seeks anchor.

Requirements: Read script in a believable way.

Careers in Television, National Association of Broadcasters Positions available immediately. No background preferred. Please do not wear green to the interview.

Programming Director
The programming director or programming manager makes certain programming information is fed to traffic, sales and other pertinent departments. Any changes are communicated both in house and externally to the TV listings services and local newspapers. Maintaining programming equilibrium versus negotiating for new product is part of the daily responsibilities. Stations in larger markets, especially those that are part of a large media conglomerate, have downgraded or eliminated this position because many programming decisions are now made at the corporate level, on behalf of multiple stations.

Public Service Director or Community Relations Manager
The station’s community public service director or community relations manager involves the local community through sponsorships, charity events or other visible causes. Public service directors/community relations managers receive countless public service announcements (PSA) submitted by groups hoping to get their non-commercial messages on the air and their causes promoted “for free.” A number of these mangers write, produce and even edit local public affairs programs. They may even be on-air.

Broadcasters For Sale:

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