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I read the Aquarian Gospel of

I read the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ, which was written (supposedly) as divinely inspired (like the rest of the regular bible) for the New Age. In it, it explains all the "lost years" of Jesus. He traveled all around to different countries and went through various tests from other religious leaders. I forget what country, but in one, the leader put him into a cell. For days he was given no food or water. Finally one night, part of the wall slid aside and some people came in a secret door. They told Jesus that he was going to be left in there to die, and urged Him to leave with them. They told him they had infiltrated the place, and had befriended the leader, so that now they could come to save Jesus from His fate. Jesus basically said that since they had already actually admitted how deceitful they were, why should He POSSIBLY believe them now?
That was His test, and He was then let out. 'Nough said.