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Comment: look at the trolls roll out for this one.

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look at the trolls roll out for this one.

This looks like the exact culmination of everything that has been set up for the past 20 years. There is an obvious propping up of our economy and some real fears of loss of power that keep people in submission at every level. What will be done with this power rigging? Exactly this, look at this guns for food model seriously. look at the detailed hidden Trrst descriptions in ndaa and obama care. Look at the attacks on farmers and water rights. They want to pull the rug when the systems are set up for the government to step in and be the saviors from their own designed events. This is the big one we have been waiting for , I believe that if enough people wake up take back our food and water control we can fight this thing. I don't see any contradictions in this report. Contradictions anyone?