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If you can't make peace among Americans

how does anyone expect to make peace in the world?

I agree with your post ecorob, except I don't think those who disagree are either a hypocrit, liar, an imbecille, or all three, rather I think they are afraid to venture out of their comfort zone more than they have already for Liberty.

It was not easy for me to join the GOP. The loyalty oath was no fun, among other GOP events, and so I think, while I am having to make uncomfortable choices, the Liberty Movement must also, to grow, by making uncomfortable moves, within reason.

Joining the GOP and finding alliences may be easier than connecting with Farrakhan supporters, but I don't see how the Liberty Movement can not grow without it, after all, restoring the republic is the bottom line, and freedom of religion is part of that.. so we can work together and appreciate our differences.