Comment: Um, Yeah...

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Um, Yeah...

First, didn't YOU post this thread for people to discuss and opine upon?

Secondly, neither have I offered you any 'advice'.

What I have done is post specifics on the ridiculous concept of embracing (or as you put it, 'joining) someone who is either stupid and anti-individual liberty (by his comments on Amendment II), or is deliberately twisting and misdirecting on the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Either way, he stands opposed to the most fundamental of constitutionally-enumerated natural individual liberties.

The fact that you have dodged this core-point speaks volumes.

Anyone who opposes any of these core fundamental individual-liberties, is rejected and seen as an enemy of liberty and the Republic, regardless of whether they may peripherally intersect with one's beliefs in other areas.

What I am 'doing' (here) is simply being blunt and offering brutally basic concepts, coupled with a healthy dose of contempt brought on by what I see being peddled.

Unlike you, I do not 'feel' compelled to continually attempt to showcase my bona fides. Actually, not being a woman or a Kalifornian, I do not 'feel' my way through things...I assess based on information, knowledge and experience.

On this forum, 'compare & contrast', along with some brutal much needed bottom-line assessment on what is commonly advanced and commonly accepted, is of significant valuable and critically necessary, despite your apparent inability to discern it.

People who are worthy of respect get it. It is not an entitlement in my world of blunt, no bull-schite men.