Comment: Libertarian Beck?

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Libertarian Beck?

I think that Glenn Beck has been on and off the fence of Libertarianism for quite some time, but has been lost in the two party paradigm for what ever reason. If he truly would like to push a more Libertarian message, why should we battle him because of past transgressions? Give him a chance, but keep a close eye on him at the same time. I mean, he does have a large audience that may be able to be swayed, and if it works, it helps us all. If he goes off on a NEOCON again, call the BS out. Go to The Blaze and start spreading Libertarian ideas there, the more the merrier. Rand Paul is not his father, granted, but he still has a lot of his father in him. I truly believe that if he was able to win the Presidency, he would be talking to his father a lot. If we keep a blind eye to Beck because of his past, we will never have a chance to move forward with his followers. If we give him a chance, we could gain more support for the movement. I, for one, believe it is worth a chance. The one thing I love about being an American is the fact that true Americans believe in redemption.