Comment: Practical Wisdom says this doesn't matter

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Practical Wisdom says this doesn't matter

Saul persecuted Christians and gave the order of execution on the first Christian martyr- Justin in Jerusalem.

Saul became Paul. As a Christian, would I have trusted Paul after his conversion...? Hell no!! Only by divine intervention would I have trusted Paul after his conversion. Human reason would have rightly told me to stay away from the newly converted Paul. Paul would have to convince me through much more than a simple rant...

I would tell both Beck and Paul to F*** Off!

Beck is too full of himself to insult us for being apprehensive. He is like a begger with a club.

If he wants to learn the path of liberty let him do his own due diligence like we all have.

For TWENTY minutes I heard this bozo b**** about how unwelcoming we are... He could of spent those precious TWENTY minutes interviewing anyone of us. Even the least knowledgeable one of us would have advanced the cause of liberty more in those TWENTY minutes than his stupid rant.

I think St. Paul would of been more manly and I bet I would of never of heard St. Paul rant for TWENTY minutes about how unwelcoming Christians were to him.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees