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An excuse to stay in bed?

I sill have some fluid trying to get out of my lungs and coughing is overrated.

That link is one of many doors opened by that link you found on John Taylor Gatto.

Here, or next, below, are two lists I copied from the information offered by Gatto.

One is the "democracy versus republic left right argument for the sake of argument clap trap dialectic" stuffed inside a box of darkness where people are handed a script to read with a flashlight and low battery power. The other is a free market competitive productive better over worse type open source logical reasonable workable voluntary association arrangement; or government if you please.

1. A theory of human nature (as embodied in history, philosophy, theology, literature and law) [human motivation].
2. Skill in the active literacies (writing, public speaking).
3. Insight into the major institutional forms (courts, corporations, military, education).
4. Repeated exercises in the forms of good manners and politeness; based on the truth that politeness and civility are the foundation of all future relationships, all future alliances, and access to places that you might want to go.
5. Independent work.
6. Energetic physical sports are not a luxury, or a way to “blow off steam,” but they are absolutely the only way to confer grace on the human presence, and that that grace translates into power and money later on. Also, sports teach you practice in handling pain, and in dealing with emergencies.
7. A complete theory of access to any place and any person.
8. Responsibility as an utterly essential part of the curriculum; always to grab responsibility when it is offered and always to deliver more than is asked for.
9. Arrival at a personal code of standards (in production, behavior and morality).
10. To have a familiarity with, and to be at ease with, the fine arts. (cultural capital)
11. The power of accurate observation and recording. For example, sharpen the perception by being able to draw accurately.
12. The ability to deal with challenges of all sorts.
13. A habit of caution in reasoning to conclusions.
14. The constant development and testing of prior judgements: you make judgements, you discriminate value, and then you follow up and “keep an eye” on your predictions to see how far skewed, or how consistent, your predictions were.

The Adjsutive or Adaptive Function: Establishment of fixed habits of reaction to authority.
The Integrating (Conformity) Function: Develop like-mindedness, unity of thoughts and habits.
The Diagnostic and Directive Function: Label children to mark them in the class structure.
The Differentiating Function: Divide-and-Conquer strategy to immobilize in social structure.
5. (Second Creepiest of all)
The Selective Function: Preservation of the "Favoured" Races (See Darwin)
6. (Creepiest of all)
The Propaedeutic Function: Grooming of those in higher classes to manage the lower classes

So which is in the Left Versus Right Lock Box, and which is outside of that box by any accurate measure perceived by friends in liberty, if you will, when you get well - please?