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advice/ unsoliticed suggestion

you suggested: "Now, why don't you go and fling around some more of those ridiculous touchy-feely forum hugs, but keep your snake-oil, I ain't buying any.

Absolutley I posted this thread to opine and discuss, peacefully, which means insults are not acts of peace.

I'm sure Farrakhan has many supporters who don't agree with him 100%, just as Ron paul has many supporters who don't agree with him 100%. No reason to not find out where we agree and work on those issues.

America has freedom of religion, so if he and his followers chose to limit their own freedom religiously, I see no problem with that. That Amish do, the orthodix do.. so what if they do, they do anyways.

I'm not going to judge what you do, because I have no idea, bona fide or not, what you are actually doing to restore the republic, but being blunt in your paathy and protests.

To me, your world of blunt, is fluff, and why all you've really got are insults based on apathy, and protest in the name of arrogance.

Don't count you in on embracing any Muslims in the name of Liberty. That's your message, all blunt aside.