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I remember when the Republicans controlled the House, Representative John Conyers (Democrat) was deeply concerned so much that he held unofficial hearings in the closet of the basement about Bush's illegal abuse of power and War Crimes (which is when I first became aware of Cindy Sheehan).

But then in 2006, once John Conyers became The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee (and no longer just a minority member), and had real power to do something about it, then there were no hearings at all held, no testimony, no evidence review, and the idea of impeachment hearings was declared "off the table" and laughed away.

The only guy who tried was Dennis Kucinich. But not even Ron Paul would stick his neck out to support the lonely Impeachment attempt by Dennis Kucinich.

Only one guy in Washington really cared (and Obama later took away his district).

Lawless Nation