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Its convenient to claim Raul Paul's answer to a moronic question(generally an ambush question during a Fox News debate) in which he said he doesn't believe the "US Government was complicit in 911". This obviously doesnt fully captures his feelings about what took place on 911. And your using it to pretend you know what he really thinks is weak at best. At worst its dangerous and intellectually lazy.

You dont have look too hard to find out that he supports a new investigation because "the investigation was inept which is what government does when it investigates"...with a follow up condemning those who support the official story because they may find (via a new investigation) "that the wars were fought for no good reason"

SO not only does the Original Poster not use the term "inside job" nor does Ron Paul in any way call people nor the idea of questioning the 911 investigation "nonsense" but you continue to miss the point.

There is a reason that a large percentage of people here believe it was not 19 people with boxcutters and they are joined by: Heads of State, Heads of Intelligence, Leaders of Judicial Systems, Architects, Engineers, Pilots, Military Veterans, Intelligence Veterans, Legal Professionals, and Scientists who have collectively all pointed to corrupt mechanations in the false reasoning of the 911 commission report (a known pack of lies and deciet).

Stay true to your beliefs...but have some substance to them. Stop trying to spin the words of Ron Paul to defend your ridiculous assertions of knowing truth of something you are obviously ignorant of let alone what he beleives based on his ability to comment publicly.

"Conspiracy Theory" is a pejorative by way of the CIA in the 60s to prevent JFK research. All you do with trite retorts of this kind is perpetuate the most evil elements of the state. And pretending it serves liberty is an absolute joke and a dangerous one at that.