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Dr Paul

Need's not to go on any show to get out the Liberty message. He surely doesn't need Beck or Rush or Hannity Or Levin or Savage. Actually it could be argued that these guy's need Dr Paul more than he'll ever need them.
Dr Paul has ears and probably heard all the attacks they leveled on him recently and in the past. I don't understand their back and forth support of Rino's and establishment type nor do I understand their back and forth attacks on Dr Paul. They are always checking wind direction.
They all are singing the same praises as Dr Paul. They agree with 98% of the good Dr's prescription and in turn my ideals but I can't get past their insults toward Dr Paul and they can't get past taking cheap shots at Dr Paul anytime he makes a statement..
I'd love to hear him on Jerry Doyle's show.And thats about it. Why? Because he's the only guy on talk radio I take the time to listen to and he hasn't let me down yet!