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Actually, That...

...was not meant as advice, as I am sure that you know.What it was was some of the contempt that I mentioned.

I must have failed to see your disclaimer that any opinions and commentary must be fashioned 'in peace'.

Also, I am not a peacenik, nor a lovenik as seems to be required in the gospel according to Dr. Paul. I am blunt, often scathing, frequently brutal in commentary and utterly confrontational, yet, gee whiz, I am an unapologetic advocate and 'warrior' for Liberty.

Funny how your big inclusive-tent seems to discount or dismiss those like me, huh?

That aside, you have misdirected, once again.I never ONCE mentioned religion other than making a sarcastic reference, or two, to the 'Word/Gospel of Ron' as it related to using him as a sacred font of action and belief.

Not ONCE did I raise religion in context with Liberty-Lovin Louie, you did.

What I did and what you have once again failed to even acknowledge, is the issue of 'Liberty-Lovin Louie and his stupidity and anti-liberty advocacy related to the fundamental, constitutionally enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

Funny how all that works, eh?

So, when all is said and done, Granger, please tell me how you arrived at this 'pearl of wisdom'...

"Don't count you in on embracing any Muslims in the name of Liberty. That's your message, all blunt aside."

Ol' El-Tee wants to know what strange labyrinth in your mind it took to reach this conclusion as to what 'my message' is, when it is a topic and issue that I have not even touched upon.

Is this your version of the old tried and true 'anti-semite' charge that collectivists of certain stripes toss down to discredit people they cannot suppress on the issues?

You are continuing to develop into a real piece of work, really.

Granger, the gift that keeps on giving.