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You actually need a sign to be a gentleman?

I have no idea, not do I care if you are a nic or not. I continue to see what you call being blunt, insulting fluff.

It is not up to me to destermine if you are in the big inclusive tent or not. It's up to you and you alone.

I'm not blaming you for anying or acusing you of anything, not am I trying to direct you. It's up to you to find your place or not in the LM or rEVOlution or Nation of Islam or whatever floats your boat, and if all that is is "being blunt" and confrontational for it's own sake, but in the name of Liberty.

Now, since I started this thread, I've been listening to Liberty Lovin Louie's speaches, and really, they are very good. I have not heard anything about his bucking the second amendment.

How I arrived at Liberty Loving Louie was another post that was reaching out to any black people on DP.. and then it's followed by all those who want to say they are not racist, and to me, as sweet as it all wanted to appear, I found it shallow, hollow.

So I thought about my past campaign experiences as LP and Indy, and how we had to reach to others who we didn't agree with on some pretty big issues, just as we do in the GOP, or just like those who do not agree with Ron Paul 100% (majority). I thought, If I wanted to reach black people where would I go? Well.. Liberty Loving Louie has many long speaches and I found a lot of truth, and as for racism, he's funny because he's telling the truth about white America afraid of black America.

So, instead of lecturing to posters on the former thread about why reaching out to the black community on DP is plastic, but not actually making contact, using diplomacy, finding solutions to common issues, and coming together to restore the rupublic.

I still see nothing wrong with it.