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Another Attempt at Diversion

I stand for Individualism and individual liberty, constitutionally-enumerated or not.

I simply addressed Kucinich's clearly stated position that he believes in disarming the people and that he does not support Amendment II...You know, Amendment II, the one that simply 'enumerates' the previously existing fundamental liberty that I stand on, one of many.

The fact that this fundamental liberty is enumerated in the Bill of Rights and that I call Kucinich a 'constitution-schitter', seems to have provided you some strange sense that I "place the Constitution above all else", unless, of course, you are merely saying that to divert from your support for a man who does not hold allegiance to what I deem as the most fundamental of individual liberties...since it is the one that provides the means to secure and defend all others.

Yes, you are a rationalizer & justifier. No, that is not, in this context, a desirable trait.

You lay out the case to excuse liberty-destroying positions in the 'hope' that other aspects of a person will result in more benefit.

Nothing new in this. It is a sad, old and extremely common trait and belief system, one that has factually led us directly to where we find ourselves; that being, near the tipping point into totalitarianism.

Some of us consistently reject those who act or advocate contrary to certain fundamental liberties and we certainly reject those who act or advocate contrary to our Constitution, which is, after all, something 'officials' take an Oath to support and defend.

Since we no-compromise, principled liberty advocates are scant few, it is obvious that our rigid-stances do not have a positive or a negative impact on the larger picture. Too bad, because there is nobody in sufficient numbers who will refuse to accept the constant diet of anti-liberty shit sandwiches we are fed.

Yet, on the other hand, those of your position, acting consistently over decades, have developed a provable result.

We are living it.

Kucinich has knowingly and openly violated both his Oath and his credibility and trust on a core fundamental liberty.

The fact that you take the position that you do is not a surprise. You are a proud and willing member of a vast herd of others who do the same.